Bespoke cooling package in DNV compliant frame

Little and Large – bespoke solutions

Bespoke Crane Radiator

“New for Old” – refurbish and improve is a Broadland speciality

Full refurbishment completed on this unit for one of our valued Aberdeen clients. They sent us a “non-Broadland” radiator for a clean up and to modify to make it suit their installation better. New tanks with better mounting feet and additional sockets fitted whilst ensuring all connections, etc, fit within their existing setup – one very happy customer.

Broadland Radiators design, engineer and manufacture quality bespoke cooling systems used in a variety of applications.

Resolving customer challenges

One of our valued clients had a slight issue with room in their Genset application and asked if we could help. In the next 72 hours we re-ran calculations, redesigned the cooler, collected from customer, modified and rebuilt with new bespoke-made tanks, returned to customer and it was back in their package.

Customer said – “Chris, I looked into our final assembly shop yesterday morning and… awesome! The revised C9 radiator was back, installed and all piped up. Looks great! Thank you for putting this together for us on so short a timescale.”

Broadland Radiators design, engineer and manufacture quality bespoke cooling systems used in a variety of applications.

Chilling with a Vulcan

Great demonstration of flexibilty this week. Received an enquiry from CNAM (City of Norwich Aviation Museum) about helping to keep Vulcan XM612 ‘alive’ by repairing the radiator which is cooling the generator set used to maintain power to the airplane.

The lure of working on the Vulcan had us all, particularly Andrew Firman from production, very curious and eager to help.

After inspection and presure test we quickly found the leak, completed the repair and had the radiator back to the museum within a couple of hours – taking the opportunity to hand deliver in the hope of getting a close up look.

Having been so impressed with the efficient service we were rewarded with a seat in the cockpit which is something Andrew will certainly remember for a while.

Thank you CNAM for the opportunity to work with you on this, your continued restoration of Vulcan XM612 is mightily impressive.

Broadland Radiators designs, manufactures and repairs radiators and heat exchangers used in all types of engine cooling applications – including the mighty Vulcan!

Eureka Case Study

Cool contract for Broadland Radiators in Culzean field

Broadland Radiators has built two giant, custom-made, radiators to help cool generator sets destined for the Culzean gas field in the North Sea.

“The new radiators are used to cool technically complex, high specification Emergency (EDG) and Essential (ESG) generator sets designed specifically for the hostile North Sea environment,” explains Dave Minshall, Area Sales Manager for Eureka Pumps in Norway, the company that designed and supplied the packages.

“It was essential to use an experienced and flexible radiator supplier familiar with the strict requirements needed in the Culzean gas field, who could deliver high quality, on time and on budget.”

The EDG package developed by Eureka Pumps is powered by an AtEX rated (Zone 2) 12V4000P83 MTU engine with all ancillaries contained within an A60 container, measuring 8m x 5m x 4.9m. To cool the package, a custom-built radiator measuring over 4m wide was designed and manufactured by Broadland Radiators in Norwich, UK, to fit within the size restricted application.

“Not only does the radiator enable the engine to operate efficiently at the highest potential ambient temperature of 24.5 deg C, it helps to dissipate the heat from the exhaust gas cooler,” says Darrell Roper, Managing Director for Broadland Radiators. “Reducing the exhaust temperature to below 200 deg C (Temperature Class T3) helps meet the requirements of AtEX 2014/34/EU.”

The ESG package was even larger measuring 9.8m x 5m x 5.3m and featuring a 20V4000P83 MTU engine.  The radiators on both units are manufactured in mild steel with the cores solder dipped for the offshore environment.  The finished coating is NORSOK paint specification M501.
The EDG and ESG packages are expected to begin operation in 2017 in the Culzean field which lies about 145 miles east of Aberdeen and is one of the largest gas fields discovered in the North Sea in more than a decade.