Remote Cooling Kits

Broadland Radiators & Heat Exchangers Ltd, supplies remote cooling kits for installations where the use of a standard close couple radiator is not acceptable. These can be designed to suit both air-to-air and water-to-air cooled engines. The kits can be cooled by secondary water sources such as a cooling tower or a separate remote radiator, Broadland Radiators can offer a matched secondary water remote radiator to meet your requirements. The remote cooling kits are designed to be able to withstand the secondary water source being up to 160 meters head above the engine. This makes them ideal for cooling engines which are situated in the basements of tall buildings, where the secondary water radiator needs to be on the roof.

The kits include:

Water cooled charge air cooler (if applicable)

Pipes from remote kit to engine

Jacket water (and LT water if applicable)

Heat Exchangers

Jacket water header tank

Mounting frame

The jacket water header tank is fabricated in steel and fitted with a low-level switch, as standard.

Pipe kit, the interconnecting pipework between the remote cooling system and the engine is included.

Jacket water heat exchanger -Broadland Radiators uses shell & tube or plate heat exchangers to optimise the cost of the kit. High pressure options are also available.

Water cooled charge air cooler Broadland Radiators uses ‘laced fin and tube’ surface, specially developed to provide high thermal ratios, whilst minimising the penalty of change air pressure loss.

The various components are mounted onto a framework to give a single cooling module, which directly interfaces with the engine.