Winter Training Kit Provided to Acle Utd U14s

With all the cold and wet weather we have been having lately, Broadland Radiators were pleased to be able to help out Acle United U14 football team with a full set of warm and waterproof winter training coats.

Broadland Radiators supporting 1st GLP Sea Scouts

Broadland Radiators delighted to support 1st GLP Sea Scouts with their recent request for paddle board and PFD (personal floatation device) fundraising.

Pictured is Darrell Roper, MD, presenting a £500 gift voucher to Matt Failes, Group Leader, and Dave Warnes, Chair of 1st GLP Trustees, to spend on the required equipment at SUP Norfolk in North Walsham.

High Pressure cooler refurbishment

A recently completed project for a refinery customer involving removal and retube of a high pressure cooling package.

On time, on budget, on quality.

Parts support for UAE customer

Crates of spares packed and ready to go for an important UAE customer.

Recently completed Offshore Cooling Packages

Significantly sized units, ATEX compliant, off to work in an Offshore application, cooling Caterpillar 3516 powered generator sets.

On Chart Recorded Pressure Test

During Crating Up
Loaded On To Lorry

Broadland Completes 25th remote cooler

Since bringing Mark Hackleton on board following the changes around API/COVRAD Broadland has been designing and manufacturing remote coolers and this month completed our 25th build.

These are a unique solution in applications where engine cooling is required but a standard airblast cooler cannot be accommodated.

Broadland Radiators installs Solar Panels

As part of our ISO14001 accreditation, we have installed Solar Panels. Our friends at Yare Electrical Services carrying out the supply and installation as shown in this timelapse.

Broadland Radiators completes offshore generator set cooling packages

We were pleased to complete a project for cooling packages for a number of offshore generator sets for the Woodside Scarborough Energy project.

These packages will be put into service offshore WA and were designed and built to meet the highest of engineering standards, including IECEx/ATEX requirements.

Our ISO9001:2015 Quality Assured manufacturing processes were supplemented with testing and final signoff independently witnessed and further certified by DNV.

How it started vs how its going

Broadland Radiators were given a huge challenge to replicate a completely rotten radiator, including all connections and pulleys needing to be in the exact same position as per original donor unit. The manufacturer of the original donor unit has long since ceased manufacturing so our valued client came to us for some help.

We received a unit which was way beyond any form of repair as it had been left out on an offshore platform but we were able to take all the key dimensions and then able to offer a completely new unit which the client has been able to fit directly into the position of the old unit.

As a product improvement we swapped out the overly complicated fan mounting structure and replaced it with something far easier to service and maintain.

Old Unit
New Unit

Broadland Radiators completes significant cooling packages for operation in Middle East

Broadland Radiators are pleased to have completed a significant project for bespoke cooling packages, designed and built for a Power Generation application.

These packages, supplied to a UK manufacturer of Generator Sets, are to cool engines that will be used as standby power for data centres in the Middle East.

There were special considerations given to the high ambient temperature clearances required, ensuring these cooling packages would be effective all year round.